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Actual Windows 可以替 Windows 窗口做些改变,包括在原来的窗口标题列最大化和最小化按键旁加入两个好用的按键,可让任何想要的窗口保持在桌面最上方,或是当窗口最小化时若工具列已经塞满了,就能最小化于桌面上,另外有了它也能让任何窗口增加透明度,包括任何软件或开始选单、Windows 原有工具栏等等,整个桌面都将呈现透明。

Actual Tools Products Catalog

Welcome to Actual Tools catalog!

Here you can find information of all our products:

Actual Window Manager The Most Feature-Rich and Comprehensive Window Manager for Microsoft® Windows® in the World!
Actual Multiple Monitors Use Several Screens at Full Power!
Actual Window Guard Keep Windows on Your Desktop in Order Automatically!
Actual Virtual Desktops Find Out New Ways of Organizing Your Windows!
Actual Title Buttons Take Unlimited Control over Your Windows with New Nifty Buttons!
Actual Transparent Window Bring New Dimension to Your Desktop!
Actual Window Minimizer Minimize Any Program in Any Way!
Actual Window Rollup Roll Your Windows Up Like Blinds!
Actual Window Menu Take Unlimited Control over Your Windows with Extended Window Menu!


Release Name: Actual.Window.Manager.v6.1.Incl.Keymaker-BLiZZARD
Size: 4.07 MB

Install it and use the keygen to register.



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