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本来以为New iPad播放720p应该完全没有问题,因为之前看1080p的视频也看过不少,觉得还行,但HDMI输出到电视后,发现卡顿现象很严重,所以又开始了一番学习。




我的WNRR3700共享目录: \\\USB_Storage





When you're adding the source, choose "Add network location" from the list in the Browse dialog, then manually type in the server and share name. This will create a network location called something like smb://server/share/. Select this location from the list to create your source.

Try adding your pc name(for ex. //Office-pc/ or //Johns-pc) and not the IP. That's what I did and it worked.


Try adding the source in a different way. When you click the Browse button choose "Add network location" instead of "SMB" (you need to scroll the list down to see this option). Enter the server and share name and user details if you need them, then when you click OK the source should appear in the list as smb://server/share. Select this source, click OK and that should work.

2011-09-13 09:47 Post: #4
When you try and view the members of a SMB workgroup a protocol called "browsing" is used. This has been used since the early days of Microsoft Networking back in the Windows for Workgroups days (actually I think MS Lan Manager used it too). It was unreliable then and hasn't got any better since.

That's a bit unfair, since browsing generally works fine, but there are many cases where it can stop working and you get the sort of symptoms you see. Adding the network location by hand bypasses browsing, though of course you need to know the server and share names.


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