MySQL 5.1 新特性:Row based replication 和 Table logs

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基于行的复制:以前的版本都是基于SQL语句的复制(statement-based replication )。




复制:对于不确定的一些函数不用再担心,对于UDF(using user-defined functions)就不会存在问题了。




Row based replication

MySQL 5.1 supports three different kinds of replication modes now: the standard statement-based replication format (used prior to 5.1), row-based replication, and a mixed mode. Row-based replication is designed to address certain problems that crop up in replicated environments that make use of non-deterministic functions such as RAND() or NOW() within data modification statements and environments that make heavy use of temporary tables in data modifications. Additionally, row-based replication solves problems inherent in using user-defined functions, a topic which Mats Kindahl blogged about in detail in his article Row based replication and user defined functions. Eric Bergen also talked a bit about his desire to use row-based replication after seeing Lars Thalmann's talk at last year's Users Conference in his article Row based replication and application developers. For a great article on the future of MySQL replication and some of the issues surrounding it, I would recommend reading Kristian Köentopp's blog post Replication - Now and Then. Finally, Mark Smith had another good writeup about row-based replication.

Table logs

One particular MySQL 5.1 feature that will come in very handy is the ability of MySQL 5.1 to use standard tables instead of log files for a variety of internal logs, including the Slow Query Log and the General Log. Giuseppe Maxia had a nice article entitled Hacking MySQL table logs Outrageous tricks with table logs that is certainly worth reading for background on the feature. Additionally, on the MySQL Forge, First impression on table logs



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